Rochester, Vermont

Imagine the Possibilities

We are a group of volunteer neighbors dedicated to creating a vibrant, financially sustainable community at the "Quintown HUB".

Gather with friends,
Share your passions,
Learn new skills,
Build your business,
Feed your soul with your hobbies,
and Recreate in this beautiful setting.

Embracing Change

Our former high school building has the potential to have new and bright future. This 33,000 square-foot building can be home to all the business and service needs that our community requires. It can include full-time services including adult day center and childcare, and supply space for various types of businesses.

Simultaneously, our neighbors can come together to watch a play in the auditorium, rent a kitchen for a day to make their famous jams or join a cooking class, create their crafts with state-of-the-art equipment, or learn a new skill with a mentor.

We hope to support the changing atmosphere of what it means to be in the workforce. We envision having space to rent for a day or a week, while also providing monthly office spaces.

A Community Collaborative

Please bring us YOUR ideas.

Many in our community have shared theirs, and the vision will continue to grow. This website is a work in progress to help keep our neighbors informed of what’s going on as this exciting project develops.

Please join us as we work together to create a space for US.

Please Contact Us

Anyone with questions or comments about this project may contact either of the committee co-chairs:
Kathryn Schenkman or Vic Ribaudo